1. One more share before I end the day. I think about the days to come and pursuing photography full time and there’s an excitement that almost can’t be contained. I look forward to capturing more beautiful moments in life and sharing them as well.

  2. Happy World Photography Day!

  3. Happy Monday! Here’s to good shooting this week and being good at whatever it is you do!

  4. Last post of the evening. Thanks for watching and good night.

  5. The perfect start to any day!

  6. Working on new site today! Kelbert.co coming soon.

  7. You can find me here the next two days.

  8. Two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and I’m excited to photograph their wedding in October!

  9. This image from the workshop was from the shoot
    BRONTIDE: Brontide (n.) the low rumble of distant thunder.

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  10. With 13 shots to go through to finish up a roll I called Caleb up, took about 15 min, finished up the roll and am pretty happy with all 13 shots. I love that film helps me slow down and make each shot count. A good lab always helps too! Thanks @photovisionprints