1. Another image from the beautifully styled boudoir shoot by @ginnyau at the #erichmcveyworkshop Her attention to detail was quite captivating. It was an honor to work with such an artist.
    This shoot was named CICATRIZE: Cicatrize (v.) to find healing by the process of forming scars.

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  2. Portraits are my favorite so I was happy to capture a few at the #erichmcveyworkshop workshop. This particular one is a favorite.

  3. This image from the #erichmcveyworkshop speaks to my day. I love an easy breezy Sunday and today was just that. Here’s to a great upcoming week.


  4. evanbainesphoto:

    In the community of photographers online, it has become somewhat impossible to discuss film, or to identify images as having been shot on film, without it becoming something of a political statement. The inexorable advance of digital technology and the ubiquity of digital images causes most…


  5. Anonymous said: How can I contact you about a portrait session with my husband and I for our wedding anniversary?

    Hi. You can shoot me an email at kelbertinfo@gmail.com I’d love to chat with you about it! 

  6. The wind was definitely the silent yet most welcomed member of this shoot. It caused everything to come alive and have a voice.

  7. My first post from our styled shoots at the Erich McVeigh Workshop in Elk CA Each shoot was styled beautifully by Ginny Au around an ancient word.
    This shoot was titled
    NUBIVAGANT: (adj) moving among clouds.
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  8. To attend the Erich McVeigh workshop this past month in Elk California was an experience I’ll never forget. Ever. I met some wonderfully creative photographers while being inspired and challenged at the same time! In the next week I’ll share some of the images I took from the photo shoots that were styled by a brilliant lady, Ginny Au. You should google her and follow her work. I’m sure you’ll appreciate her high level of taste and design as much as I did. 

    One of the highlights of the week was this quick 5 minute impromptu shoot with Erich. It was not only an honor to meet and get to know he and his wonderful wife, Amy, better but to be photographed by him as well was more than I could have asked for! The top shot in black and white was especially fun. I just happened to be photographing Erich and he turned around, realized what was happening and quickly snapped a shot of me. Thanks for following my work and I look forward to posting quite a bit more than I have in the past. I hope you enjoy. 

  9. So I just realized that I pass through Nappa Valley on the way to Elk California and didn’t even realize it was “THE” Nappa Valley. I would have taken more pics! :-/

  10. I’m still freaking out that I met this lady at the workshop in Elk. She’s Tanja Lippert and I’ve been following her work since I began photography. I didn’t even know she’d be in Elk. Imagine my surprise when I showed up at one of the shoots and saw her daughter modeling and then turned around and saw Tanja coming around the building. What a treat! Follow her! @tanjalippert Thanks for this image Karie Denny!
    P.S. More images from the shoots will be coming soon! Trust me there on their way.